Objective: To redesign and create a visually inviting and informative representation of each leader to enhance user engagement and reflect the company's updated brand guidelines.
Project Goal: Update the current leadership bio pages on the company website to enhance user engagement and reflect the recently updated brand identity effectively. This project involved revamping the existing bio pages of the leadership team members to ensure accuracy, relevance, and alignment with the company's strategic goals and branding guidelines. By implementing visually appealing design elements and user-centric navigation, we aim to create an informative and engaging experience for the website visitors while reinforcing the company's values and vision through the updated bios. 
Company: CDW
Timeline: May 2023 - December 2023
Role: As the UX Designer, I collaborated with the Marketing Team to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information included while enhancing the visual appeal to increase user engagement as well as aligning with the company's branding guidelines and strategic objectives. 

Initial high-fidelity mockups via Figma

Design Process
Information Architecture:
• Redesigned the structure of the leadership bio content provided by the Marketing Team to provide a clear hierarchy of information
• Implemented a user-centric approach to prioritize essential details and minimize clutter
Wireframing and Visual Design:
• Created wireframes to visualize the layout, ensuring a consistent and intuitive design across all devices.
• Incorporated user feedback to refine wireframes for optimal usability 
• Developed a cohesive visual style that aligns with the company's recently updated branding guidelines and enhances the overall aesthetics of the leadership bios

• Ensured accessibility and readability through the use of appropriate colors, fonts, and imagery

Responsive design across devices (desktop/tablet/mobile)

Responsive design across devices (desktop/tablet/mobile)

• Rebuilt the leadership bios pages into the existing website using AEM and current components and added custom CSS to create a seamless integrated experience
• Iteratively refined designs based on user and stakeholder feedback
Received positive feedback from stakeholders on the improved visual appeal and clarity of information
The Leadership Bio Redesign project successfully addressed challenges faced by the company in presenting its leadership team to website visitors. The user-centric approach, coupled with a visually appealing design, resulted in improved user satisfaction and ease of use.
Next Steps:
The team will continue to monitor and create updates to the leadership bios based on user feedback, evolving industry trends, and changes within the company's leadership. 

By focusing on the needs of the user, visual appeal, and collaboration with stakeholders, this case study demonstrates the impact of thoughtful UX design by enhancing the overall user experience of the leadership pages on the corporate website.

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