Objective: Design an intuitive and streamlined Workplace Modernization Overview Page to effectively communicate information and resources to enhance the user experience.
Project Goal: Integrate the new rebrand style guidelines into the redesign of the Workplace Modernization Overview page to create a cohesive and visually compelling user experience that aligns with the organization's updated brand identity while enhancing usability and accessibility for customers seeking information on workplace modernization initiatives. 
Company: CDW
Timeline: October 2023 - January 2024
Role: As the UX Designer for this project, I collaborated closely with Content Specialists as well as other designers to conceptualize and implement user-centric design solutions that seamlessly integrate content, ensuring an intuitive and engaging experience for users navigating the page.
Design Process
Information Architecture:
• Redesigned the structure of the Workplace Modernization content provided by the Marketing Team and Content Specialists to provide a clear hierarchy of information
• Implemented a user-centric approach to prioritize essential details, minimize clutter, and encourage a streamlined user flow
Wireframing and Visual Design:
• Collaborated with the design team to create wireframes to visualize the layout, ensuring a consistent and intuitive design across all devices
• Incorporated user feedback to refine wireframes for optimal usability 
• Developed a cohesive visual style that aligns with the company's recently updated branding guidelines and enhances the overall aesthetics of the page
• Ensured accessibility and readability through the use of appropriate colors, fonts, and imagery
• Rebuilt the Workplace Modernization page into the existing website using AEM current components and added custom CSS to create a seamless integrated experience
• Iteratively refined designs based on user and stakeholder feedback
Received positive feedback from stakeholders on the improved visual appeal and clarity of information
I'm proud to have played a pivotal role in crafting a user-centric experience that not only aligns with the company's updated brand identity but also empowers users to navigate modernization initiatives with ease and confidence. Through collaboration and attention to detail, we have created a platform the promotes engagement, fosters productivity, and sets a high standard for user experience within the company.
Next Steps:
The team will monitor and gather user feedback to help refine the page as needed. Additionally, we plan to analyze user interactions and metrics continuously to ensure ongoing optimation and alignment with the evolving needs of our workforce.

By focusing on the needs of the user, visual appeal, and collaboration with stakeholders, this case study demonstrates the impact of thoughtful UX design by enhancing the overall user experience of the Workplace Modernization Overview page on the corporate website.

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